High-frequency motion detector for light switching, as surface mount version.

No light switches needed
360° resp. 160° detection area depending of the kind of installation for ceiling or wall
Reach, twilight value and follow up time are adjustable with potentiometer
HF technology: 5.8GHz - reacts to the smallest motion
Extremely short activation time
Light only when needed

Technical data HF-MD2-SM

Adjustments with potentiometer
Power supply: 230V~ +6%/-10%
Switching power: 1200W
HF transmitter output: 5.8GHz, < 10mW, ISM Band
Detection area: Ø 0.4 to 16m
Photo electric switch: 2 - 2000Lux
Time settings: 5sec. - 15min. adjustable manually
Mounting: Wall or ceiling mounting
Power consumption: < 1W
Protection: IP20 / class II /
Dimensions: Ø 116.5 x H 45mm
Housing UV- and shock-resistant Polycarbonate
Ambient temperature: -15°C to +50°C

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