LUXOMAT® PD4-DUO Master - dim-version

Occupancy detector LUXOMAT® PD4-M-DUO-DIM-SM, master with 2 switching
channels for 2 separate light measurement zones and circular detection area
as dim-version, surface mounted

Two dim channels with directed light sensors to measure the light levels
in two different zones of the room.
Energy saving potentials of up to 80%.
Automatic reading of the actual light level.
Possibility of switching ON/OFF the lighting by remote control.
Switching for all types of light fixtures by high performance relay.
Constant light control with 2 independent channels.
Compact design, power supply and control unit in one cabinet.
Semi-automatic and full automatic mode.

Technical data PD4-M-DUO-DIM-AP

Manual and remote control
Installation in parallel mode Master/Slave
Detection area: circular 360°
Range (Ø) H=2,5m/T=18°C in m:
seated 6,40
walking across 24
walking towards 8
Light control by two independent channels
channel 1+2 for dimming with output 1-10VDC
Power voltage: 230V~ + 6%/-10%
Power consumption: < 1W
Ambient temperature: -25°C / +50°C
Protection degree/class: IP20, IP54 avec accessorie (socket Art.-No.: 92161)/ II / CE

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