Mini-Occupancy detector for great heights. 1 channel with circular detection area.

Mini-Occupancy detector with circular detection area
Settings made using remote control
1 channel for switching lights
Despite very small dimensions, powerful relay for switching high lamp ratings
Available as GH detector for greater heights (5 to 10m)

Technical data PD9-1C-GH-FC

Adjustments with remote control
Connection of sensor and power supply by means of telephone plug R J11
Cable length of sensor supply: 50cm
Power supply: 230V~ +6%/-10%
Range in m / H=9m / T=18°C: max. Ø 5.40
Range limited by blind
Mounting height: 5 - 10m
Power consumption: < 1W
Switching power: dry contact type NO, 2300W,
cos(f) = 1; 1150W, cos(f) = 0.5 Time settings: impulse or 15sec. - 30min.
Photo electric switch: 10 - 2000Lux - adjustable with IR-PD9
Protection: IP20 / Class II /CE
Button function: 230V input contact for button for switching on and off manually
Dimensions: Detector: Ø 45 x H 40mm Power supply: L 165 x W24 x H24mm
Ambient temperature: -25°C to +50°C
Housing UV- and shock-resistant Polycarbonate

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