Mini motion detector LUXOMAT® PD9-DIGI-FC designed specifically for
installation in light fittings.

One channel to switch the lighting
Inspite of small dimensions it switches all types of light fixtures using high performance relay with in rush current limitation especially for electronic ballasts
Visible part of the detector Ø 11 x 3 mm
Extremely small and compact
Motion-dependent switching only
No luminosity evaluation
Install in a hole, approx Ø 11 mm, in the outer ring of a light fitting
Follow-up time: Can be adjusted manually on the power component via potentiometer

Application examples:
For installation in fitted downlights

Technical data PD9-DIGI

Power supply: 230 V~ +6% /-10%
Area of coverage: circular 360°
Range: max. Ø 3 m
Contact load:
1000 W, cosf = 1; 500 W, cosf = 0.5
Time-settings: 30 sec. - 30 min. / Test
Detector: Ø 18 x H 26 mm
Power supply: L 154 x B 40 x H 30 mm
Power consumption: < 1 W
Degree of protection: IP20 / Class III / CE
Ambient temperature: -25°C to +50°C
Housing UV- and shock-resistant Polycarbonate

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