Wireless remote monitoring solution.

Completed hot and cold water meters x 328 , plus 11 x 50mm Woltman bulk water meters.

The RFM-C2 is a gateway that collects data sent by wireless M-Bus devices and retransmits them via GPRS or an Ethernet / LAN network.

Consumption data and information sent by the B METERS Wireless M-Bus radio modules combined with water meter, heat meters and heat cost allocators, are collected by the RFM-C2.

With programmable transmission frequency, data is sent to a server using the GPRS or, alternatively if available, an internet connection via the ETHERNET/LAN network.

The management server (Web-based portal) generates an e-mail containing the collected data file and forwards it, even daily, up to 5 different email addresses.

Alternatively, the same file can be downloaded from the web or uploaded to an FTP server.

Easy and quick to configure even locally via an RS232 port or remotely via a cloud based application using the dedicated B METERS software

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The RFM-C2 Gateway
50mm Woltman bulk water meter

This type of water meter, equipped with a built-in sensor, can be used for a remote reading transmission system.

Removable element structure.
Easy installation and maintenance.
Magnetic drive couples the turbine to the dry-dial counter.
Low pressure loss to the water supply.
Reliably starts measuring with low water flows.
Components designed for long working life.
Vacuum sealed register ensures that the dial is kept free from condensation.
Resists water hammer and pollution.
Pipe diameter ranges from 30mm to 300mm wide.

Water flowing through a pipeline drives an inline turbine with the rotation of the turbine transmitted through a magnetic drive to a dry dial counter. Horizontal axis Woltman meter turbine shafts are arranged parallel to the axis of the pipeline.
Water volume is mechanically calculated, through the known section area of the pipe and shown on the counter as units.
This is a our latest project just completed with hot and cold water meters x 328 , plus 11 x 50mm Woltman bulk water meters.
50mm Woltman bulk water meter