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Residential Gas Meter Range

MM03Gas Prepaid Gas Meter

MM03G Prepaid Gas Meter is designed to accurately measure volumes of natural gas and LPG gas. Its stringent components selection meets the highest international standards. It is designed to assist consumers save costs by managing their gas usage while providing reliable performance and long term accuracy for residential and small commercial applications.


  • STS Encryption
  • Easy to install and low installation cost
  • Keypad with text feedback
  • Low credit warning
  • Low battery detection and warning
  • Advanced tamper detection

Technical Specifications

  • Display

* Current Credit
* Total Units Counter
* Meter State Register
* Low Credit Level
* Meter Number
* Units Recharge With Last Voucher

  • Operatiing Environment

* Operating Temperature -10oC to 40oC
* Relative Humidity <= 85%

  • Power Supply

* 3.6V Lithium Battery

  • Disconnection Device

* Motor Valve

  • Protection

* Theft Protection
* Tamper Protection
* Battery Protection
* Valve Cleanness Protection

  • Measuring Accuracy

* Class B
Flow Data & Specifications