GSD8 Hot and cold water meter
Available in Hot and Cold water units.
Smart Water Meters and Automated water meter reading

Automated meter reading uses wireless or other technology to record how much water is being used by a consumer and then transmit the recorded data to a central point where billing can be carried out. Automated meter reading is also applied to certain meters which contain a short range wireless transmitter that meter-readers can receive and manually record the consumption.

How it Works

The meters are radio controlled from a central location or hub and broadcast their readings via radio in the 433MHz UHF band. The results are entered into a central computer database and software is used to manipulate the readings so that the user is billed with the correct tariff amount.


  • Human errors in meter reading are eliminated,
  • Customer confidence is increased due to increased billing accuracy
  • Up to the minute metering information is provided,
  • Ability to deal with complex tariff structures accurately
  • Shorter billing cycle
  • Meter readers do not have to enter property

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Smart Water Meters.

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